Koud water baden.

Beïnvloed koud water de vetverbranding?

Volgens sommige gezondheidsexperts, artsen en NASA wetenschappers wel.



Er wordt beweerd dat het “witte” slecht door het lichaam verbrandbare vet, omgezet wordt in het door het lichaam goed verbrandbare “bruine” vet. En dat de enzymatische aanpassing aan de koude omgeving gunstig werkt op de verbrandings huishouding. Bij wijze van spreken: Je maakt van slecht verbrandbare dieselolie goede top verbrandbare benzine waarop je Ferrari beter presteert en je motor schoner blijft. En wie wil niet het optimale uit zijn brandstof halen in deze tijd.

The concept of Cold Thermogenesis has actually been around for sometime now, but it was primarily used for specific purposes such as training astronauts for NASA.  However, the scientists have known the physiological benefits of CT…discovered through training astronauts…for years. However, it wasn’t until fairly recently that CT caught the attention of some health experts at which point the physiological benefits…particularly weight loss…became more public. The actual physiology behind CT is quite complicated and if you’re interested in getting a deeper understanding of the whole process, I would highly suggest going to Dr. Jack Kruse site.  He’s a neurosurgeon who has become an expert at CT and lost about 170 lb in 14 months himself using the CT protocol.  Impressive indeed. Here are some of the physiological benefits CT have shown in studies:

Increased metabolism (more calorie)
Boosts growth hormone (increase fat burning)
Increases testosterone (increase lean muscle building)
Enhanced muscle recovery (less recovery needed)
Increased VO2 Max (increase endurance)
Increase muscle strength

Michael Phelps used to train in 10 tot 15 graden Celcius water temperature. Top athletes are always looking for the edge and apparently CT has been a hidden gem that some elite athletes used to enhance their performance.  He also states that professional athletes that spend more time in cold baths after training or a game is much less susceptible to injuries and have a longer career. Dit laatste is wel typisch Amerikaans overdrijven als je je punt al gemaakt hebt.