International Musculoskeletal Medicine.

A. C. van der Veen,  Orthomanuel Medicine.

Specialist in Manipulative Spinal Joint Therapy
and Manipulative Therapy off Peripheral Joints.


Low back pain

Cervical pain Thoracal pain Knee, Shoulder, Hip Dysfunction, Intermittent Sciatica with neurological deficit and Sciatica without neurological deficit.

For a good result you will need ± 3 sessions. After the first session the pain will often increase for two or three day’s. Sometimes you will need a painkiller drug. Often a heavy reaction will not occur after the second treatment.


Sometimes it go fast, but bones and nerves are slow healers.! In general the healing time is two or three month after the last treatment.

Swimming is always allowed.

One of the most important issues in mechanical diagnosis is the pelvis. The related position of the ilia and the “Holy Bone” (os sacrum). Rotating of one ilium causes a dysposition of the sacrum, with effects the whole spine.

It will bring the backbone in dysbalance. This often not only reacts on the nerves to the extremity’s but also to the nerves of the intestine, stomach and heart. For instance the main reason for headache is a twisted cervical spine. The second important mechanical diagnosis is the position of the vertebrae compare to each other. The location of pain and the possible movements of the joints play there role in diagnosis.